In the event of a rear-wheel drive vehicle is recommended to get on the tyre-saver using the reverse gear.
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Advance till settling in the cradle of the tyre saver.
Make a slight reverse and place the RoTile® Classic
in the identified positions.
Park your car and locate the position
of the tyres.
To choose the most suitable tyre-saver you have to measure the diameter of your tyre,
if you don't know how to get the exact measurement, just click here:

via Le Canevare 50 - 31100 - Treviso TV - - - +39 0422 267010

- RoTile® Classic is designed to prevent the ovalization of the tyres during long periods of parking, it can't be used as leveling wedge, stationing wedge or wheel chock.

- During all operations it is advisable the presence of another person to ensure that the tyres remain centered on the cradles of the tyre savers, and to verify that the distance between the vehicle and any possible obstacle is at least 70cm.

- To ensure that the tyres can correctly fit to the cradle of the tyre savers, the wheels can't exceed 248 mm width.

- We decline any responsibility for the incorrect use of the product.
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